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Musicality is Personality, Your Fingerprint, a Dancer's DNA - it is unique!!!

We will teach you to understand, feel, use, attack and interpret!!!

Music & Rhythm

It is long time overdue to become even stronger aware that our World of Dance Sport is a symbiosis of characters, individuals, athleticism, skills, movement, space etc. and most of all understanding of the music that makes us move and that we put all our efforts towards, all connected through partnership.

The WDSF Judging Criteria "Movement to Music" recognizes that fact and CompCamp aims to be a big part in the education of athletes, coaches and trainers, as well as officials and adjudicators.

As a former student of the Academy of Music in Vienna, trained to become a Concert Pianist, we feel an obligation to pass on this knowledge for future development of Dance Sport.

We have lectured extensively, especially in connection with the Viennese Waltz, on many occasions like the Austrian Open, but recently at "The Camp" in Wuppertal, May 2015, by invitation of Henner Thurau and Asis Khadjeh-Nouri

Watch this lecture by clicking on the image!!!!

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