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Trainers & Officials

We are proud to show a list of Trainers and Officials who are or have been part of the CompCamp Experience.
The inclusion of Active Top World Class Competitors as “Adjudicators and Teachers”, has proven invaluable in 2017, so this year we have the whole day on Friday, the 17th of August with Top Class Competitors and Young, Competing Professionals, to give you “Hands On” statements from present and future Champions!
Personalities who will be taking part in 2018, will be announced very shortly. They can then be booked for lessons!!!

Goffredo & Matus (2017)

Reigning 2x World Latin Champions

Grand Slam Final Winners

Multiple Grand Slam Winners

European Champions

Galuppo & Pacini (2017)

1st place World Cup

4th place World & European

3rd place Grand Slam Final 2016

Bitsch & Williamson (2017)

4x World Champions

2x European Champions

14x Danish Champions

Kirin & Prozorova (2017)

2x 1st European Cup 

6x 1st Austrian & Vienna 

Top 12 WDSF ranking World/European & Grand Slam Series

Anastasia Stiglitz (2017)

Fabio Bosco (2017)

Branko Bohak (2017)

Helmut Hanke (2017)

Roberto Regnoli (2017)

Prof. H.Toplak (2017)

Sergio Roccatti (2017)


Gennadiy Oseshnyuk

Svetlana Tverianovich

Tommy Shaughnessy

Asis Khadjeh-Nouri

Kurt Dvorak

Barbara Ambroz

Hermann Götz

Petr Odstrcil

Peter Maxwell (2017)

Beatrix Lajtai (2017)

Alenka Bohak (2017)

Mike Herdlitzka (2017)

Marco Cavacini (2017)

Zoltan Sandor (2017)

Gerald Aigner (2017)

Petra Matschullat-Horn

Prof.Gerhard Kaufmann

Fredi Novak

Marc Scheithauer

Günce Yöney

Holger Nitsche


Milan Spanik

Manfred Stiglitz (2017)

Natasa Ambroz (2017)

Dirk Heidemann (2017)

Eric Sourdeau (2017)

E.Makarova-Zdrok (2017)

Alessandra Valeri (2017)

Pietro Braga

Daniela Novak

Jürgen Neudeck

Heidi Götz

Alessandro Garofolo

Judith Sandor

Alexandra Myshko

Catia Vanone

Mirjam Zwijsen

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