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Lectures and Workshops

CompCamp 5, Special Editiion 2018 will include lectures by Top Psychologists, Medical Doctors, Physio Therapists; we offer Theory Courses, "Hands-On" Workshops as well as Personal Assessment Trainings.

More lectures offered at CompCamp 2018 later in the Schedule Section.


  • All about music
  • Athlete - Fitness and Psychological Education
  • WDSF Rules & Regulations
  • Complete Knowledge for Best Performance Program
  • New Methods of Competition Preparation
  • Competition Simulation Training Program
  • Competition Preparation with Top Trainers in Standard and Latin
  • CompCamp Superstar Gala Night

Lecturers and Guests of CompCamp (more awaiting confirmation!!!)

*  Natasa Ambroz (WDSF Academy, Director of Education)

*  Alenka Bohak

*  Branko Bohak

*  Fabio Bosco

*  Peter Maxwell (WDSF)

*  Mike Herdlicka (BSc, MBA, MAS, MTD, MC)

*  Stefan Greene (Judging System 2.1/3.0)

*  Beatrix Lajtai

*  Dirk Heidemann

*  Helmut Hanke

*  Eric Sourdeau

*  Dr. Elena Makarova-Zdrok (Acupuncture and Reflexology)

*  Prof. Dr. Hermann Toplak (Nutrition)

*  Gerald Aigner

*  Anastasia Stiglitz

*  Manfred Stiglitz

*  more to follow 

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