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F.A.Q. - Special Assessment Training

On Sunday, the 19th of August, we will stage the Special Assessment - Analysis – and here is how it will be:

Who will take part?

Couples of all levels (International Champions – Top 48/International Intermediate – Top 192/Want to get there)

Couples of all age groups (Junior/Adult/Sen I/SenII/SenIII/SenIV)

Standard and/or Latin 

What will happen?

Every couple dances in their age group together in heats of not more than 6 couples per heat, just like a real competition, all five dances.

What criteria will be participants assessed in?

  • TQ (Technical Quality)
  • MM (Movement to Music)
  • PS (Partnering Skills)
  • CP (Choreography and Presentation)
  • BL (Body Language)
  • FS (Fitness)
  • PC (Presence & Communication)

Who will assess?

For each criteria there will be one Adjudicator/Juror, who is a specialist in this subject, giving their opinion on a scale from 1 - 10

What is the Dress Code?

Upgraded, sophisticated training outfit, no competition clothing!

What do you get?

Directly after this Assessment Round you will get a printed document, stating your marks in each criteria and each dance.

What should I do with my assessment?

After the Special Assessment Training you will have the opportunity to briefly discuss your marks with the Specialist who has marked you previously, during our our Assessment Practice.

Can we get more detailed information?

Yes, you can of course orientate your specific interest to the lectures and workshops, and additionally book private lessons with those Specialists right there during CompCamp5.

Medium and long term benefits?

Many couples may want to participate at our proven Schladming Seminar at the in the middle of July or after CompCamp5,, or travel to other camps in Italy, Russia, Germany etc. and have the opportunity to specifically practice their skills according to the assessment as perfect preparation for the Season.


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